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multiplatform roof report

Roof Registry is designed to give roofing professionals and building owners a way to manage all their roofs from a single location.

  • Inspection Report - Give your customers an easy to read, comprehensive report about their roof with repair, restoration or replacement recommendations. They will be glad you did.
  • Repair Report - Make it easy for your customer to pay your bill by documenting your repair. Pictures say a thousand words after all.
  • Progress Report - Keep everyone informed. Here's a fast and effective way to track your next roofing project.
  • Completion Report - Satisfy warranty requirements, project submittals and help expedite bill payment.
  • Building Owners

    roof consultants

    Knowing how your roof is built allows you to make informed decisions on maintenance and repair. Track all your roofing work from initial contact to completion and see your complete roof history in one place.

  • Roof Consultants

    roof consultants

    Create professional, roof inspection reports for your customers. View the report on your mobile device or computer and send PDF's directly to your customer with one click!

  • Roofing Contractors

    roofing contractors

    Create repair, progress or completion reports right from your smartphone or tablet and finish the work from your laptop. Keep your customers informed and avoid misunderstanding.